Blood, Sweat and Teardrops


This morning the girls woke up to a special surprise outside. Late last night, my husband’s cousin and his girlfriend rolled into town and parked in our kindly neighbor’s driveway with their brand-new handmade teardrop camper. I had no idea this was a thing until we saw Hunter and Sarah at a family wedding last fall and they began excitedly telling us about their dream of heading cross-country and showing us online pics of all these beautiful little trailers people are making themselves. You can buy plans online, but Hunter and Sarah built the camper pretty much to the specifications of a drawing Hunter made. They funded much of the materials and the trip through friends and family via a successful GoFundMe campaign, and faced more than a few setbacks, including someone crashing the trailer the camper sits on and a last-minute exhaust leak, but they finally hit the road yesterday from Rhode Island. They were with us for only few short hours, but we were so pleased to be their first stop and the girls loved exploring the inside of the trailer, which is outfitted with awesome cabinets and sweet linens and curtains made by Hunter’s sister. Talk about DIY. We wish them well on their travels south and then west! They’ll be documented at

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